Cérose-Janiche v.d. Vanenblikhoeve
░01-03-1994         + 28-08-2009

Our Roosje (CÚrose Janiche van de Vanenblikhoeve, born 1-03-1994), has died on August 28, 2009.
She was like a candle who's bright light during the last months little by little extinguished.
Roos was 15 1/2 years old.
She was a great personality, fond of people, especially of children.
A real schnauzer, whom we'll miss very much.
She is burried besides our Mousa.

Roosje your death leaves an enormous gap.
May she rest in peace..
Hantzen & Erik
Bright, Anu and Yellow

Our Roos, obstinate, standard burrow, color pepper & salt. With her, we made all the errors possible that make the beginners. She never became truly obeying (sometimes she obeyed and this only in one radius of 5 meters); She was really independent. Moreover: what a character! She was courageous and adores the children (she was used for demonstrations in the schools and never a child should  have been afraid of her), She was intelligent (it had an enormous vocabulary), very good guard and she had a natural and healthy selfishness.

Roosje 13 years