Helchteren , 15 August 2018

My dearest Nutje has passed away after a very short illness.

A part of my heart is gone with her.

(photo end of July)



Amsterdam Worlddogshow , 11 en 12 August 2018

Racespeciality  11 August

 Kotaro Mousaro (Rachelle Willems)  3 Ex

           Pepita Mousaro   3 EX          


Worlddogshow  12 Augustus

Kotaro Mousaro (Rachelle Willems)  EX

Neska Mousaro (Marie José Sarna)  EX

Pepita Mousaro  EX



Den Bosch (Holland) , 5 August 2018

Int. Dogshow  De Meijerij

 Pepita Mousaro           CAC CACIB  BOB

and now Dutch Champion!

handling: Rachelle Willems



Liège , 22 July 2018

Int. Dogshow

Kotaro Mousaro (Rachelle Willems)  CAC CACIB

 Pepita Mousaro                       RCAC RCACIB

handling: Rachelle Willems



Helchteren, 4 Julliet 2018

Happy Birthday lovely Anu!


Genk , 1 July 2018

Int. Dogshow

Poeh Mousaro (Bert Engels)  1 Excellent

Pepita Mousaro                  1 Excellent


handler: Rachelle Willems



Aarau (Switserland), 23 June 2018

Int. Dogshow and National Dogshow Outdoor

Int. Show: Neska Mousaro (Marie José Sarna)  CAC  CACIB  BOB

National Show: Neska Mousaro (Marie José Sarna)  CAC  BOB

 handler: Audrey Sarna

Vejen (Denmark), 16 June 2018

Dansk Kennel Klub  Int.Dogshow

Neska Mousaro (Marie José Sarna)   CAC  CACIB  BOB

and Danish Champion!

 handler: Audrey Sarna

Lommel (Belgium), 2 June 2018

Moldernete Nat. Dogshow

Poeh Mousaro (Bert Engels)   RCAC

Pepita Mousaro  CAC


handler: Rachelle Willems

Paris, 2 June 2018

Paris Le Bourget  Championnat de France

Neska Mousaro (Marie José Sarna)   CAC  CACIB  BOB

handler: Audrey Sarna

Beusichem (Holland), 27 May  2018

Rasspeciale VSFL

Pepita Mousaro  CAC BOS

New Indigo Mousaro (Kim Elbertsen)  2 RCAC


Venray, 20 May  2018

Whitsun show Int. Dogshow

Pepita Mousaro  CAC CACIB BOS

handler: Rachelle Willems

24 April  2018

Pepita 2 years old!


Antwerpen, 22 April  2018

 Int. Dogshow

Pepita Mousaro   CAC  CACIB  BOS

Poeh Mousaro (Bert Engels)  2 EX

handler Pepita: Rachelle Willems

Luxemburg, 7 April  2018

Luxemburg Int. Dogshow

Kotaro Mousaro (Rachelle Willems) CAC RCACIB

Pepita Mousaro   CAC  CACIB  BOB

handler: Rachelle Willems

Goes, 1 April  2018

Goes Int. Dogshow

Pepita Mousaro   RCAC  CACIB

handler: Rachelle Willems

Helchteren, 24 March  2018

Yellow 9 years old!


Birmingham, 8 March 2018

The Crufts  Int. Dogshow

Neska Mousaro (Marie José Sarna)  third place 

Handling: Audrey Sarna

Eindhoven, 4 February 2018

Int. Dogshow

Pepita Mousaro  2 Ex

Handling: Rachelle Willems

January 2018