Helchteren , 24 April  2016

The puppies of Yellow Mousaro and Stablemaster's Faiz (Joanna Frycze) are born!

3 boys en 2 girls!


Antwerpen , 17 April  2016

 BRABO Int. Dogshow

Neska Mousaro (Marie Josť Sarna)  CAC-CACIB


Utrecht , 10 April  2016

 Utrecht CAC-CACIB Dogshow

Neska Mousaro (Marie Josť Sarna)  CAC-CACIB  BOB

handler Audrey Sarna

Luxembourg , 26 March  2016

Luxembourg Int. Dogshow

Kotaro Mousaro (Rachelle Willems) CAC-RCACIB

Neska Mousaro (Marie Josť Sarna)  CAC


Helchteren , 24 March  2016

Yellow 7 years old and pregnant!


Genk , 13 March  2016

Genk CAC-CACIB show

Nelson Mousaro (Elfie Aerts)  CAC-CACIB  BOB

Nunzia Mousaro           RCAC-RACIB

Elfie and Nelson


Birmingham , 12 March  2016


Neska Mousaro (Marie Josť Sarna)  4 Ex  Championclass


Helchteren , 10 March  2016

Nosey (Nunzia Mousaro) 2 years old!


Balen , 5 March  2016

Our magnificent and with character Bouke has died!

We miss her very much!

She left us many beautiful and lovely descendents.


(13-06-2002 -  5-03-2016)

Liliane en Hantzen

Liliane met Bouke


Lodz (Poland) , 23 February  2016

Yellow en Stablemaster's Faiz (Joanna Frycze) had a date!


Gent , 20 February  2016

Gent Int. Dogshow

Gunar Mousaro (Brigitte Linskens)  BOB et Third place Ring of Honour Veteran!

handler: Rachelle Willems   (photo Ingrid Croonen)


Eindhoven , 24 January  2016

Eindhoven Int. Dogshow

Neska Mousaro (Marie Josť Sarna)   CAC -CACIB


 Paris, 8 January 2016 National Dogshow

en 9 January Int./Special Dogshow

 Neska Mousaro (Marie Josť Sarna), handler Audrey Sarna

8 January: CAC, BOS, BOB and with the last 6 in the Ring of Honour Group II

9 January: CAC-CACIB  BOS


Helchteren , 4 January  2016