Itegem, 16 December 2012

Visited  Arco Mousaro (Ann and Chris van Deynze)!


Brussel, 9 December 2012

Brussels   Int. Dogshow

Kyaro Mousaro (Willy Van Hende)

1 Ex     CAC


Amsterdam, 24 November 2012

Amsterdam Winner Int. Dogshow

Kotaro Mousaro (Rachelle Willems)

2 Ex


Kortrijk, 17 November 2012

Kortrijk Euro Int. Dogshow

Kotaro Mousaro (Rachelle Willems)

1 Ex, Best Youth   BOB


Borgloon, Panishof, 11 November 2012


Thank you all for coming!

U2 (Grappa) Hajko Nerita     RCAC

Bouke Mousaro  1 Ex   BIS Veteran

Esperanza (Anu) Mousaro  1 Ex     Yellow Mousaro  3 Ex

Gunar Mousaro (Brigitte Linskens)  1 Ex


Kuno Nichi Mousaro (Frans Sanders)  3 VG    Kyaro Mousaro (Willy Van Hende)  2 Ex

Kotaro Mousaro (Rachelle Willems)  1 Ex    Ioukka Mousaro (Olga Bogdanova)  2 Ex  


Diest, 27 Oktober 2012

Club DHAV Diest

GHP/IPO match

Yellow Mousaro IPO I (A)  95 pnts

Esperanza Mousaro (Anu)  IPO III  90/82/90 pnts


Maastricht, 30 September 2012

Int. Dogshow Maastricht

Kotaro Mousaro (Rachelle Willems)

1Ex, Best Youth, CAC


Blegny, 23 September 2012

Clubmatch KBSPC

Kotaro Mousaro (Rachelle Willems)

1Ex, Best Youth, males


Mechelen, 19 August 2012

Mechelen Int. Dogshow

Kyaro Mousaro (Willy Van Hende)

1 Ex, Best Youth


Luik, 21 July 2012

Luik Int. Dogshow

U2 Hajko Nerita (Grappa)



Helchteren, 20 July 2012

Happy Birthday!!

one year old!

The F litter in July 2011


Lokeren, 15 July 2012

Lokeren Dogshow

Kyaro Mousaro (Willy Van Hende)

1 Ex, Best Youth


Genk, 1 July 2012

Genk Int. Dogshow

Kotaro Mousaro (Rachelle Willems)

1 Ex, Best Youth


Helchteren, 13 June 2012


and to your brothers and sisters!

10 years old!


Hulten (Holland), 10 June 2012

KC De Baronie Int. Dogshow

Kotaro Mousaro (Rachelle Willems)  2 Ex

Gunar Mousaro (Brigitte Linskens) CAC-CACIB




Vlijtingen, 13 May 2012

CLUB VHV Vlijtingen

Kotaro and Yellow               Socialisation Test

and after work........ relaxation!


Diest, 12 May 2012

Club DHAV (Diestse Hond als Vriend)


Inoe Mousaro (Danny Rogiers) Initiation tracking  Excellent

Yellow Mousaro                                   IPO I  A   91 pnt

Echo Mousaro (Jeroen Vandekerckhove)    IPO III  97/92/82

Esperanza Mousaro (Anu)                     IPO III  96/90/88




Helchteren, 6 May 2012


Thank you all very much for coming!

Kyaro, Kotaro,Kuno, Kane, Kenna, Kasjmier and mother Anu is lying in front


Helchteren, 25 April 2012

Visit of Bruno (brother of  Bright)

Bruno with his owners  Gertruide and Willem Muilwijk


Merelbeke, 21 April 2012

Club Podaroza

Gunar Mousaro (Brigitte Linskens)

Programm 1   93/100 pnt


Goes (Holland), 21 April 2012

Goes Dogshow

Kotaro Mousaro (Rachelle Willems)  1 VG

Kotaro, 9 months


Antwerp, 15 April 2012

Antwerp Dogshow

Kotaro Mousaro (Rachelle Willems)  1 VP

Yellow Mousaro   CAC-CACIB  BOB

                       Bouke Mousaro   1 Ex    Best in Show Veteran


Harelbeke, 9 April 2012

Club "de Gaverhond"

Gunar Mousaro (Brigitte Linskens)

Debutants Programm   95/100 pnts


Ronse, 8 April 2012

BRSC   Walk  

Organised by Brigit and Erwin Aelvoet.

It was marvellous!

Thank's for coming, Mousaro bosses!


Itegem, 8 April 2012

ARCO  11 Years !!!

(Johnny Walker vd Frankenfurt & Scapman's Umousa)

Happy Birthday Arco and his owner Chris Van Deynze !


Helchteren, 1 April 2012 

BRSC (Belgiean Riesenschnauzer Club)

Echo Mousaro (Jeroen Vandekerckhove)

BRSC Workingdog of 2011!

U2 Hajko Nerita (Liliane Janssens)

BRSC Showdog of 2011!


Helchteren, 24 March 2012 




Harelbeke, 17 March 2012

Club "De Gaverhond"



Echo Mousaro   SPH2/FH II     98/100 pnt 

Echo Mousaro (Jeroen Vandekerckhove)


Ruinen (Holland), 7 March 2012

Visiting Kasjmier (family Imminga)!


Merelbeke, 4 March 2012

SRCF Merelbeke

Gunar Mousaro (Brigitte Linskens)    

Debutants Programm    90/100 pnts

Gunar and his friend Brancoo


Helchteren, 25 February 2012

Nice visit of Craig and Lodewijk from Johannesburg (South-Africa)

 Giant Schnauzerkennel "von Argosfeld" (

Lodewijk and Craig with Bright, Anu and Yellow


Nazareth, 18 February 2012

Club De Trouwe Geleider

Gunar Mousaro (Brigitte Linskens)    

Debutants Programm    92/100 pnts


Genk, 11 February 2012

Genk CAC Dogshow

Kotaro Mousaro (Rachelle Willems)

Very Promissing,  Best puppy


Helchteren, 2 February 2012

Grooming Kenna!

Kenna ( Groot)


Helchteren, 1 February 2012



Balen, 30 January 2012



Grappa (U2 Hajko Nerita)


Brugge, 28 January 2012

"Spyckertrofee Searching Dog"

Best Searching Dog of the day!

Echo Mousaro (Jeroen Vandekerckhove)

SPH2/FH II      78/100 pnts


Helchteren, 24 January 2012

Kyaro working and playing!


Kyaro (Willy Van Hende)


Helchteren, 17 January 2012

Visit of Kuno (fam.Sanders)


Helchteren, 15 January 2012

Grooming Kane

Anu, Brigitte and Kane


Hoogstraten, 8 January 2012

Schaal der Kempen

U2 Hajko Nerita   CAC-CACIB  BOB

Yellow Mousaro    RCAC-RCACIB


January 2012