Of Schnauzer to Riesenschnauzer

My mother was the first to draw my attention to the schnauzer. She thought that a similar dog would adapt well to its Masters. We understood it at the time when we bought our first schnauzer, a means: our Roos, obstinate, standard burrow, color pepper & salt. With it, we made all the errors possible that make the beginners. It never became truly obeying (sometimes it obeyed and this only in one radius of 5 meters); It is really independent. Moreover: what a character! It is courageous and adores the children (it was used for demonstrations in the schools and never a child should not have been afraid of it), it is intelligent (it has an enormous vocabulary), very good guard and it have natural and healthy selfishness.
She is now 13 years old, but its age makes that it prefers to remain at the house, lying on its rug instead of going to walk, that it sleeps more deeply while whirring and that the articulations are pus also flexible only front.
During two long years, it was the number one in our family, a privileged position which it had to give up at the time when we bought a second dog, Scapmans Umousa, Mousa for us, a black riesenschnauzer.
How did we arrive at the riesenschnauzer?
We admired with a schnauzer clubmatch, I do not know more where it was, their flexible step, their black beauty and their frank characteristic which invite to make caricatures. Moreover, they are so impressive, calm and with much of temperament. Roos was not very content with this intruder, who, seven week old pup, arrived on our premises. It never made him evil and while barking tried to keep its predominance on the small one which grew. Until the moment when the news accepted it more and was turned over against it with a furious growl. That gave problems! With courage, a policy and fidelity, we solved them, but this took a few years to us. Now, Mousa is 11 years old and it found certain calms after its two low settings. She plays now and then with her grand-daughter Anu and still likes to walk.

Characteristics of Riesenschnauzer

The riesens are sharp, merry and presumptuous dogs. They have much temperament and are not timorous. They are independent and sometimes they do not react immediately to the call of their Master (perhaps a little like a burrow). In the house they are calm and good guards. In fact hard dogs support much. The fear and the nervousness are not characteristics of this race. Naturally they can be nice and affectionate, but everyone is not their best friend. Much depends on the education which man gives them. What precedes shows us that a riesen is a pleasant dog, merry but severe, which needs a Master who is consequent in his education and which teaches him where are the limits.

This race has a great energy, for this reason it is necessary that many them are occupied. They move very quickly and jump very high. They run well beside a bicycle and adore to swim. Many sports activities are appropriate to them: the work of guard and defense, tracking, the agility, flyball etc...), of the activities which still reinforce the bond between the dog and its Master. On the other hand you must hold account which they learn slowly. Perhaps this was activated in the past by a selection on an independent behavior. Their aptitude to solve the problems is on the other hand very good, like opening the doors and running away themselves of a labyrinth. For a riesenschnauzer it is necessary to have patience, it curious and is very quickly distracted, therefore the play and the candies can be attractions in work. It is not a dog for people who cannot invest much time in him. One cannot also forget that it is a large dog (a male makes 69/70 cm with the garrot easily, weighs + - 40 to 50 kg, and has a very great muscular force). They love the children, provided that the relation child-dog is well directed by the Master. Riesenschnauzer is a good guard and an affectionate comrade, it keeps his merry character until a advanced age.

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My mother, I inherited the love for Schnauzer.