Litter A from Johnny Walker v.d. Frankenfurt

Mousa was covered in 2001 by Johnny Walker v.d.Frankenfurt and she had 6 impetuous pups. Now they are thus 4 years old, always impetuous, very liked by their Master in the Netherlands and in Belgium, with which we always have good contacts.

Johnny Walker v.d.Frankenfurt

Adito Mousaro
Arno Mousaro
Aquinto Mousaro
Andro Mousaro


Litter B from Don Juan Adagio de Pichera

In 2002 she was covered by the Spanish Don Juan: Adagio of Pichera with like results: 7 pups. Out of this brood we kept a male, since we thought that the relation mother-wire would be more favorable. Bright made its entry. In more we are the joint owners of two females: Bouke and Baydelys.

Adagio de Pichera
Bruno Mousaro

Breezy Mousaro
Baydelys Mousaro
Breezy & Bright
Bjord Mousaro

Erik & puppie