Litter E of Gloris Chubb Chubbs

(Esperanza Mousaro) 

Ch. Gloris Chubb Chubbs (22-12-2004)
Int. Ch.,Rus. Ch, Fin.Ch.,Pol. Ch., Swedish Ch., Rou. Ch.

The children of Chubbs were born 24-03-2009

I saw Chubby, his nickname is given by his owner Amira Al'-Dzhiburi,
for the first time in the Summer of 2006 on the Racespeciality in Helsinki Finland.
Chubbs was then of course a very young male,
but he struck me immediately with his elegance, proudness and a lot of temperament.
He remained in my memory as a very interesting male.
And when he was placed for one year in Germany with Astrid Werner (vom Horren kennel),
my choice for a studdog was made.
Gloris Chubb Chubbs is the daddy of our E-litter.
The puppies, 2 males and 5 females, who were born out of the combination with our Anu,
are doing very well.
Firm and compact bodies with a very well-balanced and open character.
We have very heigh expections of this litter.
Amira thank you so much,
that we may use your great Chubby and we hope we will enjoy his children for a long time.
We have kept a female puppy from this litter, namely Yellow Mousaro (see her page).




Skansen's Rising Star
Ch. (Amer.)

Lucas de Campos de Oro
Ch. (Amer.)
Friper de Pichera
Trufa de Campos de Oro

Skansen's Salome
Ch. (Amer.)

Sieger v Bergherbos
Skansen's Prowler
Gloris Science Fiction
Ch Int, Rus, RKF, Ltu, Mold

Gloris Arizona Bill
CInt Ch; WW-01, Euw-01, ISPU
Winner-99,00;Ср Rus, Blr, Ltu,
Est, Lv, Balt, Isr, Port, USA, UCK
Pectus Zaika
BJSG-94 V-96 PMV-97 LVV-97
LVV-98 V-98
Galateya Grig

Gloris Break Dance
Int Ch; WW-01, 02; Euw-00, 01;
ISPU W-03, Ch Rus, RKF, Port,
Lux, Nl, Ltu, Est, Pol, Ro, 2x Club Ch


Gloris Indiana Jones
Int Ch, Club Ch, Bundessieger
Ginzbora Grig
Ru Ch


       Iris (Leo De Wit)                                                             Lennon (Anja Verhappen)


Joya (Ria Bammers)                                                      Ibbe (Monique Hen)

Inoe (Danny Rogiers)


Ioukka (Olga Bogdanova)                              Yellow (Hantzen Houwert)



Litter F of Irra Nergal

 Irra Nergal (29-05-2008)

(v:Alter Ego Nergal & m: Urania Nergal)

VDH, PSK, Pl.  Ch.

The pups (5/1) of Irra and Anu were born 20-07-2011



Irra Nergal (Manuela Grewe)